a story.

July 22, 2009

here’s a story.

there was a guy who loved to played guitar.
he was traveling to school one rainy morning, carrying his guitar.
his class was at 8.20am, so he left house at 7.45am.
in the end, he reached the classroom at 9am.
why so?

because the mrt was delayed and jammed by people,
and the staff was not doing anything about it.




May 17, 2009

And it all ends with a beginning.

What’s with.

May 13, 2009

And you ponder about alot of things.
And you ponder why you go so far.
And you ponder about this world.
And you ponder about why.
And you ponder about how.
And you ponder about yourself.
And you ponder about .. all.

May 2, 2009

Come back,
Back to your first love,
Back to your first love,
Back to the cross.

Today’s sermon : Fabulous, Amazing, Superb, Incredible.

Today’s interesting facts : Cost of one hour of L4D : $23.
Cost of friendship : Priceless! :D



May 1, 2009

Hello Ken,

How have you been? I’ve been neglecting you for awhile, so much that I only took notice when you fell ill.

How’s the world? Not in totally great shape, what with swine flu and temperature taking. Just rest more, ok?

Ok.. Back to reality.

I dislike weekends. Don’t get me wrong, not that I dislike going to church. In fact, that’s the only thing I look forward to. I don’t like it when there’s no school and it feel likes.. empty. It always leaves me hanging halfway. I don’t like that feeling. There are other things too.

The past is being constantly reminded by the unconscious mind of the brain that I have. But we all have to move on one day, don’t we? That’s why we look forward to the future. But no.. some people dwell on the past, unable to move on.

Snap out of it.

For we know that the past is nothing but memories now, whether it be good or bad, happy or sad.

That’s why the human mind is limitless, it is perhaps something that we cannot comprehend completely. That’s why, I love to think so much. But it isn’t always good.


A New Start.

April 17, 2009

Hello. School starting soon. Timetable changed. One school year has passed.

Been through ups and downs.. lows and highs.. tests and tribulations..

I must admit that I’ve grown alot, in a good way I hope.

I have absolutely no idea what to type anymore.. except,

I can’t wait for the future! (:

I love the rain.

April 9, 2009

I find myself thinking again while walking in the drizzle. Not on purpose but I had no umbrella with me. Haha.

I wonder what my life would be like if I hadn’t accepted Christ. Would I have been the same?

And I found out that..

My answer was no.

I might have changed, but some old habits will still stay. But there’re good.. because it gives me time to think and reflect. I would not have known God, hoGc, D5, or anyone else in hoGc. Well, except those in DMAT then. Haha. So you might ask me why do I so readily believe in God, someone I don’t see Him in reality, feel Him, smell him, touch Him, or even taste Him. It’s because of faith. Ever heard of the story of Albert Einstein and the professor conversing? If you haven’t.. ask me. I’ll send an email to you, then you will know what happened.

The story keeps me driving on in life, to know what’s my purpose in life, to know what I want in my life.

The future is gonna be amazing, because it has only just begun. With God, and for Him. (:

Thanks Peify. :D


Easter has arrived! Jieru, Sharyl and Valerie are gonna be water baptised man.. gonna be damn cool.
My first Easter ever, wonder how it’ll be like. There’s gonna be a surprise as well man.. have to come to check it out! :D

Spent the last two days with CG mates! Have to say it has been nothing but laughter.. with a tiny little twist in it only. I know, you know, everyone knows.

Gonna get some sleep, these two days have been sleeping way too late. Not good!

Sometimes I just think that many people care too much that they reach a point in time where they don’t really care anymore. But in the end you still have to take action to do something about it. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, but you just have to REALISE it yourself.

Hasta la vista! :D